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May. 26th, 2010

a cry for help...

hi, it's me. avid lj'er turned lurker. i'm back with a cry for help. you've all heard about my dad. you know that story. well, he's dying. probably of cancer but he refuses medical treatment and has lost 14 pounds in the last week. At this rate he won't be around long. I need to see him. I have to. and i need help. we can't afford this, even with two jobs...four kids and a house just doesn't allow for extra money and i have no credit cards, nor can i probably get one. So if you're feeling generous, or have even a few bucks to spare...i'd really fucking appreciate it.

Dec. 27th, 2009

(no subject)

He's such a little dude. Was up kicking and screaming at 6:30am. No pun intended.

Dec. 3rd, 2009

For those in the Know

I think I want to get Mike a camera for Christmas. He likes film and hates the delay shutter speed on your typical digital point and shoots. I like digital because I like being able to upload to the computer. I think he would like a "film style" camera that is digital but would also be stoked on a film camera. Being able to zoom and take action shots of careena playing soccer is a major plus. Can anyone give me brands/types of cameras to look at? Price doesn't matter really although I will be looking for one used around $300-400.


Nov. 11th, 2009

(no subject)

With all the news of the DC sniper being executed yesterday it has brought back the memories of those last few weeks in October 2002 before I stepped onto that plane to Seattle. Meth was my best friend and it only added to the paranoia. Every white van made my heart pound in my chest. Getting gas as fast as I could, looking over my shoulder, praying that I wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time. People dying almost every day 10 miles away at the most in all directions. Somehow I knew that this was just one more reason to get the fuck outta dodge. I got on that plane with my babies in tow and stepped off into their homeland. What a trip that was to realize the men who terrorized my last few weeks at home called my new home theirs.

Nov. 10th, 2009

yeasties diaper rash 0_o

So I'm sure that Izzy has a yeast rash. She has three little blisters and she's always itchin her butt when we go diaperless. Rather than post in [Unknown LJ tag] I thought i'd just post here because I have a lot of knowledgeable mamas on my flist. I'm sure it's been covered in clothdiapering but I don't have time to look for the info. Can someone tell what the eff to do to clear up the rash and get it out of my diapers?? Plz and thank you!!

Sep. 22nd, 2009

(no subject)

I totally don't need such a big friends list. No one ever has anything to say so I'm assuming no one will be butthurt. I should journal in private, my connection with el jay died long ago.

Aug. 27th, 2009

(no subject)

I flushed 14 Vicodin down the toilet yesterday. Harsh, but necessary. Haven't been writing much in my 1st step. I'm finally to the part where I've arrived in Seattle and I'm dreading the memories, and putting pen to paper.

Been reading old poetry this morning. Posted one. Don't worry, I don't feel angry :) Some of it was written from anger, some from love and infatuation. Maybe I will post more. None of it is relevant to today.

We have a wedding to go to on Saturday in Bellingham. I am really looking forward to getting dressed up and going out with my husband without children! I need to find a place that I can get mani's and pedi's & eyebrow waxing that is cheap and won't suck. I know, sounds contrary..but I know it exists. Somewhere in Bothell/Kirkland please! Last place I like the mani/pedi but the eyebrow wax was brutal. Seriously, someone had done that lady wrong and she took it out on me. I have never experienced anything like it. I wanted to punch her in the face! Instead, I told the waiting room that it was the most brutal wax I've ever had in all my years of waxing and if they knew what was good for them, they'd stay away!

Jun. 15th, 2009

(no subject)

Patience is a virtue, I apparently do not have. I have so much to say and I don't feel like anyone is listening!!

Jun. 12th, 2009


Apparently, CPS will not let Kia come out here. They are going to ship her to different foster homes until.....? Her mom is going to detox and then what? I am so upset.


Kia is in foster care. Her moms in the hospital. I'm making phone calls trying to get her but I dunno...I'm in Seattle! Fuck fuck fuck.

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